About Boemar Surfaces Inc.

Appeal and First Impression

Boemar Surfaces Inc. was established to seamlessly install our proprietary surface technology for commercial clients nationally. Our focus is on precision of implementation thereby ensuring the highest quality of product installation and workmanship are consistently guaranteed. The integration of both our manufacturing & product divisions, coupled with the vast experience of our certified Field & Technical Service experts, enables us to continue to significantly raise the bar in quality standards.

Boemar's proprietary surface technology is available for the exclusive use by our certified Field & Technical Service experts nationwide. The level of sophistication and extensive skilled trade required during the installation of these surface systems inevitably led to the implementation of a specialized Boemar training facility. The fundamental principles & theoretical components of this training focus on first impressions and perceived value of the quality of products & services offered, as well as mandatory training which encompasses the perimeters of our warranty.

This principle inevitably extends into the commercial and retail sectors, whereby a poorly maintained appearance has a negative impact on customers’ first impressions and therefore their perceived value of quality of products & services offered. To directly address this challenge and further raise the bar, we developed a series of systems to seamlessly enhance the esthetic appeal of high-profile areas on a multitude of surfaces. Our systems have been recognized for significantly increasing marketing curb appeal from a customer's perspective, thus providing a competitive edge to our clients at fraction of replacement cost. This has inevitably positioned Boemar as an integral part of seamless brand uniformity and increased synergy throughout the industry.

Quality of Standards

Our quality of standards and consistency on any substrate has further contributed to this recognition as a leader in both the beautification of client brand portfolios and the rebranding of existing client banners, to a completely new colour design/concept. This unique technology is performed on-site to client colour specification, while achieving an unparalleled “brand new” finish on any substrate, surpassing manufacturer's original.

To complete this brand uniformity, we further developed a revolutionary system to refurbish client signage seamlessly on-site, within approximately one business day and at a fraction of replacement cost. This signage system is offered nationwide and ensures the highest standards, while consistently offering absolutely no business/patron interruption during our process. As signage is an integral expense to any retailer, our proprietary system offers an alternative to replacement, providing significant return on investment.

This return on investment, which is synonymous with Boemar’s systems, has identified us as a company of unparalleled integrity and positioned us as the leader in proprietary surface systems that provide uncompromised durability, ingenuity & quality. Boemar Surfaces has become synonymous with the revitalization & restoration of a multitude of building substrates, for numerous Fortune 500 clients across the country.

Brand Consistency is Key

Our proprietary systems provide a superior unparalleled alternative to traditional paint, surpasses manufacturer's original finish and is completed outside of a controlled environment, at a fraction of replacement cost. We precisely achieve colour specifications nationwide, eliminating colour inconsistencies & fading, thereby offering seamless brand uniformity. The unique properties of our systems also prevent dirt/residue from adhering to the surface and enables effortless cleaning & maintenance.

When panels show signs of delaminating, we strip the entire area down to the raw substrate and then apply our durable custom systems to ensure our results achieve the finish of a new substrate. We also advantageously offer flawless repairs to cracked/broken panels, prior to installing client approved colour systems. Projects are completed on-site, with minimal business interruption and more importantly, at a fraction of substrate replacement cost with comparable aesthetic appeal.

Our impeccable safety record also permits us to work on all sites independently, which results in further cost savings for our respective clients, something traditionally facilitated through a general contractor and with an approximate 15%-20% up charge. Boemar's custom products coupled with our unique level of specialization and research & development expertise sets us apart from the rest. We are renowned for our commitment to safety, service and innovation and are recognized as the industry leader in unsurpassed quality and durability. Our clients consistently state that if Boemar is on site, it is a hassle free & worry free experience.