About Us

Surface Systems was established to seamlessly install our proprietary surface technology for commercial clients nationally. Our focus is on precision of implementation thereby ensuring the highest quality of product installation and workmanship are consistently guaranteed. The integration of both our manufacturing & product divisions, coupled with the vast experience of our certified Field & Technical Service experts, enables us to continue to significantly raise the bar in quality standards.

Boemar's proprietary surface technology is available for the exclusive use of our certified Field & Technical Service experts nationwide. The level of sophistication and extensive skilled trade required during the installation of these surface systems inevitably led to the implementation of a specialized Boemar training facility. The fundamental principles & theoretical components of this training focus on first impressions and perceived value of the quality of products & services offered, as well as mandatory training which encompasses the perimeters of our warranty.

Our Services

Boemar's unique colour system is customized to match our clients' corporate colours to provide brand uniformity across multiple surfaces.

We also revitalize a wide variety of building substrates after the original manufacturer's finish deteriorates, fades or delaminates. Boemar provides these services on site safely and efficiently and at a fraction of replacement cost.

At Boemar we know the importance of surface preparation to ensure a durable, quality finish. Prior to applying our custom colour systems we use our proprietary products and processes to take the surface back to its original condition before proceeding with the application of the final colour system.




Corrugated Metal




Glazing Calcium Removal


Graffiti System


Grout System








Substrate Repairs





Avetta provides contractor prequalification and regulatory compliance.


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The CCQ is an organization serving workers and employers in the Quebec construction industry.


The Ontario construction industry has an outstanding safety record and the best construction safety record in North America. The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA) is proud of the industry and proud of its role in achieving this remarkable record.


Since 1999 the JPO has been responsible for implementing the commitments that affect construction sector mobility between Ontario and Quebec. The goal is to ease access for Ontario contractors and workers to the Quebec construction sector while at the same time ensure Quebec contractors and workers working in Ontario comply with Ontario construction sector requirements.


The U.S. Department of Labor - Occupational Safety & Health Administration's mission is to assure the safety and health of America's workers by setting and enforcing standards; providing training, outreach, and education; establishing partnerships; and encouraging continual improvement in workplace safety and health.


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The RBQ oversees the enforcement construction, safety and professional qualification standards.